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Year : 2016  | Volume : 02 | Issue : 02  | Page : 48

Needle-track Tumor Seeding Consequent to Renal Biopsy

Prakash Vishnu

Mayo Clinic, 4500 San Pablo road, Jacksonville, FL 32224

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Dear editor,
A 48-year-old female presented to oncology clinic with a 2-month history of progressively worsening dull aching pain and swelling in the right flank along the inferior costal margin. Skin examination showed raised, erythematous lesion which was tender with induration and palpable subcutaneous nodules (Figure 1a). 15 months prior, the patient was noted to have a 3.5 cm right renal mass; for diagnosis, she underwent a computed tomography-guided needle biopsy percutaneously (at the site of current pain and swelling) (Figure 1b). Histopathology had revealed a papillary renal cell carcinoma, and she was treated with laparoscopic right nephrectomy. A current magnetic resonance imaging of the abdomen (T2, axial) showed infiltrative mass lesion in the right renal fossa extending along the needle track posterior to the caudate lobe and right posterior lateral segment of the liver (Figure 1c). Because of the extensive infiltrative nature of the lesion, it was not amenable for surgical excision. Systemic treatment with temsirolimus was initiated with consideration for local radiation therapy if the pain from the lesion worsens. While tumor recurrence along the needle-track of renal biopsy is a rare event, it is a recognized potential complication with an overall risk of less than 0.01%.[1]

How to cite this article: Vishnu P. Needle-track tumor seeding consequent to renal biopsy. J Med Sci Health 2016;2(2):48.

Needle-track tumor seeding consequent to renal biopsy. a: indurated and palpable subcutaneous nodules in the right flank. b. computed tomography-guided percutaneous needle biopsy. c. infiltrative tumor along the needle track in the right renal fossa extending to subcutaneous tissue and the skin.


  1. Volpe A, Kachura JR, Geddie WR, Evans AJ, Gharajeh A, Saravanan A. Techniques, safety and accuracy of sampling of renal tumors by fine needle aspiration and core biopsy. J Urol Aug 2007;178:379-86.
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