HIGHLIGHTS OF CURRENT ISSUE May-Aug 2016 / Volume 2 / Issue 2

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  • Abstract Introduction: Acute appendicitis is the most common cause of acute abdomen in young adults. It is also one of the most common conditions requiring emergency surgery. Macroscopically normal-appearing appendix, removed from patients with suspected acute appendicitis, on histopathological examination may reveal a more sinister underlying pathology. We did a retrospective study of the histopathological examination
  • Authors Riti T K Sinha, Aniruna Dey
  • Category Original article

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  • Abstract Background: The presence of open fontanelle in infants plays a major role in the ability to image the brain with ultrasound. The premature infants are more prone for hypoxic-ischemic insults and complications, which on early diagnosis helps the neonatal brain to protect from further insults.
  • Authors K Humsene, N Krishnaveni, B Sarada
  • Category Original article

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  • Abstract Lymphatic filariasis is an endemic infection seen predominantly in the tropical and subtropical regions, and approximately 120 million people are infected and 1.1 billion are at risk of infection all over the globe. It presents with lymphatic dysfunction in various forms such as elephantiasis
  • Authors Ashwini Bakde, Amit Disawal, Kishor Taori, Aarti Aanand, Prajwalit Gaur, Manish Agrawal
  • Category Case Report

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